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Interior Detailing Services

The average American spends around 600 hours inside their car every year – roughly 5 years, or 7% of the common lifespan. Putting in 11 hours of seat time a week can do a number on even the most well-maintained vehicles, and when subjected to ever-changing conditions, keeping an interior spotless only gets tougher! To combat the elements, I offer a selection of hard-hitting cabin care regiments crafted to revitalize your vehicle’s interior, ensuring it stays as fresh as the day it rolled off the lot, reconditioned to a level that’s showroom ready. Messy co-pilots spilling food and drinks? Pet hair problems to big for a lint roller? Don’t sweat another minute. From entry-level spot cleaning, to carpet shampooing, leather & vinyl, rejuvenation, conditioning, preventative coatings and more, our wide selection of interior detailing options will help get your  car’s cabin back on track.


Complete Interior Rejuvenation

This interior detail is like nothing you’ve experienced. You’ll have a complete understanding of our efforts to provide the most intense, top to bottom interior detail when you get back in your car after this service. It’ll rejuvenate most vehicle interiors to a like-new appearance while offering necessary protection to the interior surfaces.

Prices starting 


Small Trucks and SUVs.............$250.00

Large Trucks, SUVs and Vans.....$ 300.00

From your carpets to Headliner, dash to doors, not an inch goes untouched with our interior detail. The vehicles interior will receive a thorough air purge and vacuum to remove stubborn debris followed by a deep Steam cleaning and hot water shampoo on the carpets and headliner to remove stains and soiling. Dashboard, vents, instrument clusters, cup holders, and consoles are meticulously cleaned and conditioned. Plastic and vinyl’s are hand scrubbed and steamed to ensure they are deep cleaned and disinfected. All leather will be deep cleaned and rejuvenated with high quality cleaners and conditioners. We believe dashboards should be left with a matte finish, as that’s how they were delivered from the factory. No oily residue is left behind. All windows, screens and mirror are left with a streak free shine.




Express Interior


Small Trucks and SUVs.............$110.00

Large Trucks, SUVs & Vans........$125.00

·         Thorough vacuuming of all interior areas, including pockets, under and between seats, behind folding seats, as well as trunk or rear compartment of SUVs

·         Meticulous cleaning of all interior plastic and vinyl panels, including dash, center console, and door panels. We pay special attention to all seams, crevices, air vents, pockets, and cup holders

·         All leather is cleaned and conditioned with entry level conditioner

·         Streak-free, crystal clear windows 



Buy a used vehicle that was owned by a smoker? Quit smoking or want to help someone else quit smoking? This detail was designed to get all the ash and as much of the smell from smoking out of a vehicle. 75-100% of smells cleaned and treated, not masked This includes my complete  Interior rejuvenation,  Ozone Treatment, HVAC Cleansing and a headliner dry cleaning. A complimentary exterior hand wash also accompanies this interior detailing service!

Prices start at 300$


my complete interior rejuvenation treatment

Enzyme treatment

Extensive HVAC cleansing

Ozone treatment

Headliner sprayed with Enzyme and washed

Leather surfaces cleaned & conditioned using top-shelf products

All glass is steamed and cleaned to remove film and leave a streak free shine


Includes a complimentary exterior hand wash


**Notice Additional charges may be applied to neglected and excessively dirty vehicles

** Please remove all personal items and trash

** Heavy stain removal is extra, and depending on the severity of the stain it may be permanent

Stottie's Mobile Auto Detailing
17615 stone valley dr
Hagerstown, MD 21740

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